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With Some Tweaking

Tonight I tried out this Southwest Quinoa Salad, and while I still have some left, I’m already looking forward to trying it again–with a bit of tweaking.  Here are the changes I’ve either already made or plan to make next time:

  1.  JUST USE THE WHOLE CAN OF BLACK BEANS, ALREADY.  Seriously, why would you use a cup of black beans and leave about 3 T hanging?
  2.  I might try Trader Joe’s frozen fire-roasted (or whatever) corn next time, but it’s January.  Frozen corn is clearly the way to go.
  3.  I’m adding the cumin to the salad dressing next time.  Cooking the quinoa with it sounded nice in theory, but it made no discernible difference in taste.
  4.  I threw in the juice of a lime after it had sat in the fridge for an hour or so.  It needed the extra acidity.
  5.  I was generous with the tomato, because why not?
  6.  I used green onions, because biting into chunks of raw red onion is hardly ever my preference.

Like I said, I’m looking forward to next time, because this one was tasty enough to tweak–and healthy to boot.  Let me know what you think!

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