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A Rose By Any Other Name…

It isn’t that Shakespeare wasn’t right about that, mind you.  It’s just that Maple-Bacon Grits Puff seems like kind of a cheesy name for something as delightful as what we had for dinner tonight.  It looked like cornbread (before I cut into it, anyway), and it tasted kind of like a grit-y corn casserole–only with the smoky saltiness of bacon AND the maple-y sweetness of real maple syrup to round it out.

I loved it.

Interestingly, my middles both gave it a thumbs up, my oldest went with thumbs middle, and my youngest gave it a “there are grapes at this meal and how dare you expect me to eat anything else.”  My hubby was not such a fan; I suspect he couldn’t reconcile himself to the texture of the grits.  If, however, you enjoy that texture–and I do!–then this is one of the loveliest brunch casserole recipes you’ll ever taste.  It’s also relatively easy and uses very few ingredients.  What’s not to love?

Bottom line?  You should try it.  Because I’m seriously tempted to sneak the last bit out of the fridge right now and finish it off.

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