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A Surprise Hit

Every once in a while I decide to try a recipe that I’m not sure anyone in my family will like (trying new recipes is how I keep feeding my family every night from becoming a tedious chore); these Chicken & Sweet Potato Enchiladas were one of those recipes.  I had sweet potatoes as well as all of the other ingredients, and since it was Sunday, I had time to roll enchiladas with another adult in the house to police the 1-year-old.  What really surprised me was how well they went over!  My son LOVED them, and my husband had seconds, and the 1-year-old and I had a party.  I served them with sour cream, chopped garden tomatoes, and perfect pieces of avocado, and they were thoroughly delightful.  I did accidentally add extra black beans–by the time I realized that it called for one cup, instead of one can, it was too late–but we were happy with the result.  I also stacked them two layers deep in the pan I started with, rather than pulling out another one (I don’t think I’ve EVER managed to come out with the numbers the recipe calls for when I’m rolling filling into tortillas).  This involved some extra salsa verde, but it worked just fine.  I tossed the red onion in a hot pan with some olive oil for a minute or two–I don’t love the taste of near-raw onion–and the one teaspoon of chili powder became a scant half teaspoon plus a generous half teaspoon of cumin, because that’s how I roll.

Clearly I take liberties when I cook.

The end result, however, was definitely worth making again.  And since we’re heading into sweet potato season, and my youngest seems to have a taste for them, I’m sure we’ll be doing that at our house!

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