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I Have a 7-Year-Old!

Today my second girlie turned 7–and started second grade.  Which means, of course, that we’re spreading her birthday meals out over a week or so, because OH, the first day of school!


Here are 7 things I love about my newly minted 7-Year-Old:

  1.  Her smile.  It lights up her entire face.
  2.  Her sweetness.  She is my child who will occasionally tell me, “You are a good Momma.  I love you.”
  3.  Her diction.  She frequently (and adorably!) eschews contractions.  (“I would not like that.”  “I do not know.”)
  4.  Her willingness to eat things she doesn’t love.  (And a good thing too, since she’s my pickiest eater!)
  5.  Her passion for Italian food.  (I like to think there’s a little bit of RI in her!)
  6.  Her gift for nurturing.  She’s a little loving mother to her younger siblings.
  7.  Her imagination.  She can pretend play with Barbies, Ponies, doll house figures–you name it–like nobody’s business.

Happy Birthday to my second oldest–I hope it’s the start of a great year!

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