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Ten Hours of Parsley

Asparagus has been available for crazy good prices lately, which never happens in August in Utah.  The last of what I purchased was still in the fridge when I found this recipe for Creamy Pasta with Asparagus and Bacon and thought–hey, I’ve got half a pound of bacon waiting to be used!  THIS CAN BE DINNER!

I’ve been strapped for ideas lately, can you tell?

Anyway.  I was generous with the asparagus (a pound and a half is a lovely way to go) and subbed 12 oz of evaporated milk and 1/2 C whole milk for the cream, but other than that I followed the recipe, and it was INCREDIBLE.  The saltiness of the bacon and the Parmesan, the crisp-tender asparagus, the hint of nutmeg…mmmm.  I even added the parsley to the whole recipe instead of just my serving, which my son and I loved, at least.  (My second girlie:  “Why did you put SO MUCH parsley in here? There’s 10 YEARS of parsley in here!”  My oldest girlie immediately wanted to know exactly how much parsley she was referring to.)  If you live in a place where asparagus is both decent and affordable right now, put this on your weekly menu ASAP.

Note:  I couldn’t find any cooking instructions for the asparagus in the recipe, so I tossed it in with the pasta during the last two minutes of cooking time.  Not cooking it might have worked for me, but my one-year-old doesn’t have, you know, molars.

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