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Waffles, Waffles, and More Waffles

Since we were at a family reunion last week and didn’t really do any grocery shopping until Monday, I had to figure out a Sunday dinner using only what we already had in the house.  My solution was to try this recipe for Sweet Potato Walnut Waffles–without the walnuts, of course, since my oldest is allergic.  I cooked up a couple of sweet potatoes and measured the wet ingredients and the dry ingredients separately, but I wasn’t sure it was going to be quite enough.  I still had leftover cooked sweet potato, so I started to half the recipe and add it to what I had already measured out; I was right in the middle of that when my nephew and his fiance called to see if they could come hang out with us for the evening (because when you’re engaged, the roommate experience grows old quickly).  “Don’t worry about feeding us, we ate a little!”

Seriously, guys?

I was a college student once.  I was engaged and broke once.

I also inherited the feeder gene from both sides of the family.

I told them to come on over and I’d whip up some more waffle batter, and then I ran down to shower my girls so they’d be free to play with their cousin(s) when they arrived.  When I came back up I started to add another half batch to what I had measured–there was still sweet potato!–before realizing that I hadn’t actually finished measuring out the previous half.  Darn it.  Perhaps I was blessed for feeding the hungry or attending church on Sunday, because I’m pretty sure I actually ended up getting all of the ingredients measured correctly.  Hallelujah!

The best part was that the waffles got a fairly universal thumbs up.  I left out the walnuts and subbed wheat germ (which I had) for the ground flax meal (which I didn’t); I was also fairly generous with the vanilla and the nutmeg, because that’s how I roll. The only thing I’d do differently would be to add less liquid to the sweet potatoes in the blender, because while they were easier to puree with more, I think the waffles would have been crispier with less.  We had not a waffle left over from what amounted to a double batch, and my oldest announced that we should make them again after eating her first waffle.

I’d call that a success.

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