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Pantry Ingredients Are a Plus

To be perfectly honest, most of my family didn’t love this Creamy Spinach Tomato Tortellini as much as I did.  My oldest has issues with the cheese filling (she’s the sole anti-Provolone member of the family, and she’s iffy with stronger cheeses in general), my next is the pickiest, and the boy said he enjoyed it but ate slowly.  (To be fair, he may have just been not so hungry.)  The baby-who-is-really-a-toddler-now enjoyed it, though, and my hubby isn’t much of a pasta person, so I wasn’t counting on him loving it anyway.

Here’s the thing, though.  It’d be nice if everyone had loved it, but even if not all of them did, easy recipes are still lovely.  I’ve been keeping frozen tortellini from Costco on hand, and we usually have spinach for my hubby’s smoothies, and everything else is something I can grab from the pantry.  (Well, okay, Parmesan is a fridge ingredient, but it’s ALWAYS in my fridge.  I subbed evaporated milk for the half and half, though, so that was pantry all the way.)  And I liked it!  The basil could have used a bit more time in with the tomatoes to taste a little less, well, pantry-ish, but sometimes speed is just as much of a selling point as anything else.  I enjoyed this enough to make it again, and since I do the vast majority of the cooking, well…

Oh, I did one-and-a-half the recipe to work with the size of the Costco package of tortellini, by the way.

Just so you know.

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