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A Day

Technically, the day started at 3 something, when my one-year-old cried; I couldn’t give her ibuprofen, OR milk, and she wouldn’t settle, so she thrashed around in bed with me until almost 5, when I woke up enough to see that she was asleep and put her back in her bed.  (By the way, I did NOT bring my other three into bed with me, but this one is my worst sleeper, AND she shares a room, AND I just need sleep more than I did when I was younger.)  I got up again at 5:40-ish, brushed my teeth and got dressed, and then changed that same girlie’s diaper and clothes.  We got to the hospital for her tubes at 6:15-ish, and she won over everyone else in the waiting area AND the prep area before getting taken back herself.  Thankfully, everything seemed to go smoothly, and so we were home in time to drop something off at Daddy’s work and pick my 3-year-old up from preschool.  (Smoothly doesn’t mean that she was not highly offended at the thought of juice instead of milk in her bottle.)

My uncle came by to discuss our bathtub project after lunch, and then my second got home from school, and then I picked up my oldest from her piano lesson and took her to a doctor’s appointment.  My amazing friend Britt–who was in charge of her five kids as well as my three younger ones for an hour and a half–was holding my sleeping one-year-old when we got home, and yet she STILL supervised the crew for enough longer that I fit in my 20-odd minutes on the treadmill.  (Did I mention that she also has a one-year-old?  True, she was asleep most of the time, but still.)  By the time we got the kids in bed, accepted my nephew’s girlfriend’s keys (she’s parking her car here for a couple of weeks), and sat down to do our post-children stuff–whew. Quite the day.

Here’s the thing–it was worth it.  Both doctors’ appointments went well, and I have amazing friends and family who helped pick up the slack.  We are blessed.

All the same, I’m not at all sorry that the day is over!

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