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I missed a post–I’m sorry!  I really meant to just post something brief, but my poor baby girl is miserable, and so I’ve been distracted.  She is, of course, teething, which is an agonizing process in and of itself in this house; teeth bulge, clearly delineated and white, just below the gums, for days and weeks. (Sometimes months.)  My girlie doesn’t want to eat much, and she’s waking up in the middle of the night when her Ibuprofen wears off, and UGH.

It’s not just the teething, though.  She can’t seem to shake the ear infection she’s had all month, either, and that prompts more waking at night, more eating problems, and some drinking ones to boot.  (We’re on our third antibiotic for that.)  And THEN she came down with an ugly cold, complete with a cough that makes me wince and a nose that produces scary stuff on a fairly constant basis.  This ALSO prompts more waking at night, more eating problems, and more drinking problems.  She is therefore usually in pain, usually a bit hungry, and waking multiple times every night.  Which is why I haven’t finished the verse novel I thought I might finish by now OR tried one of the new recipes I’ve been looking at (OR gotten a good night’s sleep in who knows how long…).  When one of those things happens, I shall post again!

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