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It Depends on What You’re Looking For

Tonight I finally tried the recipe I printed off several days ago; taking my son to the pediatrician yesterday evening for a (positive) strep test kind of derailed my plans yesterday, and my hubby took the girls to a “benefit the school with your order” night at Zupa’s on Tuesday.  Tonight, then, was the night for this Mexican Chicken Alfredo.

Yes, you got that right.  Yes, I know it’s an odd combination.  On the other hand, it sounded easy, I had the ingredients, and I thought it might appeal to my children.  And did it?, you ask.


I got mostly thumbs middle from the crew, except for the baby (she seemed to be a fan).  And honestly, it was about a thumbs middle for me, too.  I like strong flavors–I always have–and I’ve found that the problem with melding two together is that there is generally not enough of either for my taste.  It tastes like, well, neither one thing nor the other.  This was not a bad dinner, mind you, but it felt–generic, a creamy-ish chicken pasta dish without a clear standout flavor.  If everyone had loved it, I’d probably keep it around and make it again–easy is happy–but thumbs middle isn’t a strong enough reaction for me to bother.  (Also, it has jarred alfredo in it.  I’m not a big fan of jarred alfredo, although I keep it around for one recipe that is super easy AND loved.)

Note:  If you prefer a milder flavor, this might go well for you.  All I’m saying is that whether or not you should try it yourself depends on what you’re looking for.  

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