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Looking Ahead (And Moving ON From This Day!)

Today?  Let’s see…

I didn’t get to bed until after midnight last night, since the baby was up.  She was up again at 12:30, and then again at 4.  I suctioned her and fed her and held her, but it took an hour to get her to settle, which meant that I got under an hour’s sleep before my three-year-old came into our room to throw up.  Then there was diarrhea…and the realization that food sounded unpleasant to me…and the making of a doctor’s appointment for the baby at 7 pm, so I could leave the other kids with Daddy.

That sounds sad, right?  Here’s the thing–it is what it is.  Some days of parenthood are like that–we all know it.  And while yes, I’m all about today being over, it could have been SO much worse.  My son threw up into my garbage can and then had diarrhea in the toilet–no cleanup for me!  I ate very little today, but I haven’t thrown up.  My amazing carpooling friend picked up a few things for me at the grocery store–the very most important things–and we got Amoxicillin for an ear infection at the doctor’s, which is FAR preferable to hearing that it’s a virus and there’s nothing to be done.  I am looking forward, then, to a better day tomorrow, and eventual WELLNESS for the baby (although that’s a lofty goal this time of year).  Maybe even more sleep tonight.

Hope springs eternal!

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