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Apologetically Grateful Treats

In case you’re wondering, those are the kind of treats  you make when your six-year-old describes how her church class went for the day, and it sounds like no one was listening, the teacher absented herself for a time to make a point, and then there was (possibly remorseful) crying.  (These are six-year-olds, after all.)  Since my six-year-old was up late because of a family Christmas party last night, I’m sure she was just as much a problem as any other child in the class; I therefore checked my Pinterest board when we got home from church and found some fast-and-easy treats to throw in the oven.  A satisfyingly short time later, I was able to pop over to the teacher’s house with these Lemon Brownies, because nothing says ‘I’m sorry for whatever my child did today and I appreciate you teaching a group of giggling six-year-olds every week’ like lemon brownies, right?

Anyway.  I was generous with the lemon zest–NO ONE who knows me will be at all surprised by that–and I enjoyed the result.  They were quite thin, but that may have been partly because one of my eggs was smaller than it should have been; it wasn’t really a problem.  I preferred the cake-y texture to the lemon bar sort of texture, so that was a win.  Bottom line?  I want to make these again.  The problem is, no one in this house loves lemon the way that I do, and so I’m likely to eat most of them myself if I do. Maybe I’ll bring them to a potluck…

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