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Alliteration At Its Finest

It took a bit to remember why I grabbed Some Smug Slug at the library; it turned out to be so radically different from what I was expecting that my initial impression was pushed out of my mind.  I was hoping, you see, for a picture book my emerging reader could tackle more or less herself–something in the vein of Sheep in a Jeep, for example.  Some Smug Slug sounded promising, so I checked it out, brought it home, opened it, and thought–OH.


The vocabulary in Pamela Duncan Edwards’ book is not at all conducive to being read by a new reader; on the other hand, the crazy alliteration makes it delightful to read aloud, and my artistic daughter LOVED searching for the “S” on every page.  (It’s harder than you think, by the way.)  The slug of the title is heading up a suspiciously shaped slope, and its choice to do so elicits a wide variety of reactions from the alliterative onlookers.  All choices have consequences, of course–and so the book ends.

Honestly?  I think my 8-year-old enjoyed it more than my 6-year-old, and if I were teaching alliteration to teenagers, I’d be all over this one.  I’m not sure there’s a real age limit.  It’s worth a look-see, folks.

And good luck with those ‘S’s.

Some Smug Slug

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