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Cinnamon Goodness (With Cream Cheese Frosting)

Normally I’m feeling chatty about a successful new recipe, but my littles are both sick, and the lack of sleep is kind of putting a damper on coherent thought.  Be that as it may, however, these Cinnamon Roll Cookie Bars were AMAZING.  I had to bring dessert to a thing on Friday night AND today, and I was intending to try two different new recipes, but again with the sick littles (my poor kiddos!).  I settled for making these on Friday and only sending a couple of platefuls with my hubby and the girlies; the rest came to the family baptism today, although there were so many desserts that I still took some home.

Here’s the best thing.  Other than a quick run to the corner grocery store because I don’t normally stock cook and serve pudding, these were INCREDIBLY easy.  They’re a cake mix bar, and you just dump the ingredients in a bowl (including the lovely two tablespoons of cinnamon), stir, and spread the batter in the pan. The only change I made was to add vanilla to the cream cheese frosting, because who wouldn’t want vanilla in the frosting for this recipe?  (Speaking of the frosting, there was PLENTY.  I didn’t actually use all that I made.)

These are buttery, cinnamon-y, cream cheese frosting-y, and altogether lovely.  I’d spend more time convincing you to make them, but really, those adjectives say it all–and why should I keep typing when I could be eating one more of what I brought home today?


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