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What’s New in Fruit

Or new to me, anyway.  I was at Costco this week with my littles and remembered that we were almost out of apples, so I checked to see if Fuji prices had come down–which they hadn’t.  Gala prices weren’t terrible, but they weren’t fabulous either, so I circled the apple display hoping for something more exciting, and that’s when I spotted the Ginger Golds. Ginger Golds? I said to my friend Britt, who was there with her hubby and her littles.  What are those?  I’ve never seen those before!

After this month’s potato chip adventures, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that I couldn’t resist buying and trying them, right?  (In my defense, they were 80-odd cents a pound, and I figured that if they were mushy and bland like Golden Deliciouses–sorry, couldn’t resist making you say that in your head!–my hubby could put them into smoothies.)

I’m SO glad I did.

According to Wikipedia, Ginger Golds are a combination of Golden Delicious, Albemarle Pippin, and ‘some other unknown variety.’  (This amuses me.)  They’re one of the first commercial varieties of apple to ripen, and they’re pale green to yellow-ish (without the dots that I associate with Golden Delicious). More importantly, they are delightful.  I was afraid they’d be, again, mushy and/or bland, but they were beautifully crisp with a bit of a different sort of tang to them.  I’m itching to buy more–seriously, 80-odd cents a pound!–and I sent one with Britt to try.  Pick some up for yourselves, folks.  You won’t regret it.

And what else is new in fruit, you ask?  Apparently, Cotton Candy Grapes.  A friend of mine from Borders days posted a picture on FB, assuring us that they are an actual thing, they do taste weirdly like cotton candy, and they’re worth trying.  I was considering calling around to local grocery stores to see if they’re available–she got them in Lehi, which is far enough to spoil my baby’s nap on any given day–because really, I’m now WILDLY curious.  Have you tried them?  Anyone?

(Also, an honorary mention to this year’s new-to-our-family melon; Golden Delicious Melons really are, well–delicious.)

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