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If you have a learning-to-reader, you really need to check out Houndsley and Catina (and its sequels). (How’s that for hopping straight into the subject matter?  Can you tell I’ve got a lot to do in the next 48 hours?)  It was an impulse book at the library; I saw the author, thought hey, that’s the Bunnicula guy!, and figured it was worth a try.

It was.

Its three chapters give us a peek into the comfortable friendship between–you guessed it!–a dog and a cat.  Houndsley likes to cook and is very considerate of his feline friend’s preferences (she’s a vegetarian), while Catina aspires to be a famous writer and asks for her friend’s opinion of her work.  The honesty and kindness in their friendship is delightful, and Howe manages to be both moving and amusing in his storytelling.  In a few months I suspect my almost-six-year-old will be reading this series by herself; for now, it’s perfect for reading aloud to her.  Don’t miss it!

Houndsley and Catina: Candlewick Sparks

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