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I Just Have To TRY Things…Snacky Things, That Is

I went to Wal-Mart today with the kiddos–we were a one-family circus, with my son running every which way no matter what I said, the little stinker–and I was brutally attacked by a bag of the newest ‘special edition’ variety of Oreo.  (Have I mentioned that ever since my third pregnancy–the Oreo pregnancy–I have not been able to resist trying Oreo flavors?)  I’d like to say I feel guilty about this–I really would–but seriously.  They were Brownie Batter Oreos.  Tell me you would have passed them by. (If you had, it would have been a mistake, by the way.  Those things are TASTY.)

Unfortunately, I failed in my quest to find more funky-flavored Lays.  I tried three of last year’s four contestants (I don’t drink coffee, so I skipped the cappuccino), but I’ve only found two of this year’s thus far, and I’ve yet to open the Truffle Fries bag.  (I was disappointed in the kettle-cooked Greektown Gyros; I wanted to taste feta and tzatziki, but they’re meaty and herbal.)  My old boss alerted me to the existence of New York Reuben chips, which I tried and failed to find at Wal-Mart today.  (Believe you me, I’ll keep looking for those.)  The Southern Biscuits and Gravy isn’t so much a draw for me, as I’m weirdly sensitive to black pepper, but I’d probably buy a bag out of sheer curiosity.

I also (briefly) considered trying the sloppy joe-flavored potato chips put out by Herr’s (I think), but passed, since the Fire-Roasted Sweet Corn ones by the same people were just–strange.  I still remember the Late Night Cheeseburger Doritos from a few years ago (they tasted freakishly like a McDonald’s cheeseburger.)

What funky flavors have YOU tried?

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