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Scattered Thoughts

1)I am SO PROUD of how hard my husband worked on the yards today.

2)Few blessings rival that of family.  Today my sister made it possible for my hubby to do yard work and me to take the girlies to Lagoon (Utah’s amusement park), and my in-laws and I took turns taking different groups of cousins around the park.  (This made it possible for both my adventurous girlie and my timid girlie to truly enjoy the day.)

3)There are few feelings more awful than the helplessness that ensues when you can’t make your child comfortable.  My poor oldest girlie has skin issues, and her feet are itching her so badly that she is currently awake and soaking them in a darkened living room.  At 11:59 p.m.  After a LONG day walking in a very hot sun.

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