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Dental Success

Today the girlies and I went to the dentist, while my fabulous aunt tended my littles.  The oldest was psyched; her sister, not so much.  “I don’t want to go to the dentist…”  I heard this more than once today, in her tiny little “I’m afraid of new things” voice, but no longer!  “That was fun!  I love the dentist!” was the refrain as we left.  Who knew that a ceiling TV showing Doc McStuffins and a new toothbrush could accomplish so much?

And for the record, while I do have one small cavity (the girlies none–yay!), it’s on the same tooth as my most severe gum recession.  Which means that when my dentist fills the cavity, he can put something on the top of the tooth that will (I hope) make cold drinks enjoyable again.

This is a good, good thing.

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