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Daddy’s Home!

My hubby was out of town from Tuesday morning early until after 9 Friday night, and I am so DESPERATELY grateful to have him back!  The embarrassing thing is that I didn’t even have the four kids by myself much; my mother-in-law came Friday to stay with the baby and then Middle #1 so that I could take the boy to a doctor’s appointment and then go to one myself (after dropping the boy off to Grandma).  She took the boy home with her, leaving me with an 8 1/2 year old, a 5 3/4 year old, and a 3 month old.

It still felt really hard.

The most frustrating thing, really–other than it being all me, all the time–was trying to settle the girlies nicely into bed.  They seemed to be hyper or sad (or SOMETHING) an awful lot, and the problem was that when they go to bed, it’s the baby’s bath-, bottle-, and bedtime.  If they didn’t settle, the baby just got fussier…and she was already fussy this week.  For her.

Even with my hubby home, though, it’s still a struggle.  I know a new baby is hard on everyone, but my middles are more likely to cling more closely to me; my oldest is more likely to be mad.  Sadly, she’s also the one it’s hardest to find alone time with, or at least quiet/leisure time.  By the time she gets home from school, everything seems hectic until bedtime.  I want more time with her, but it’s hard to find.  And even if I were a fan of home schooling, it’s not the solution here–she LOVES school.  She complains all summer that she misses school and doesn’t like summer because school keeps her occupied and she gets bored at home.  (Last summer was particularly hard; I was in my first trimester and did a lot less with the kiddos than I had hoped to do, simply because I felt so yucky.)  She’s a doer with a capital D; I’m not as much of one as she is, but she also has three younger siblings, all with different needs and different schedules.  Even if I were just like her, we still wouldn’t be able to be up and doing nearly as much as she’d prefer.

Anyway.  Adjustments are hard.  I’m just really, really grateful to have my husband home.  Because it was hard without him, and because the kids missed him, and because–last but NOT least–I missed him, too.


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