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A Progress Report

As I’m sure my legions of faithful readers are waiting with baited breath for my next book review, I thought I’d let everyone know the sad truth.

You’ll be waiting a while.

Here’s the thing…my book club is very casual about when we actually read the books we pick.  We’re all moms, and it’s hard to get together, and so we pick books, and try to get around to each others’ picks eventually.  I opted to pick up a belated book club book this time around, and while the font is on the large side and the pages on the small side, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is still 612 pages long.

Have I mentioned that I have a 6 week old?

I have yet to average more than 20 pages a night.  And yes, I’ve done the math.  Which is why I just wanted to warn you all that I may be posting about food, or my family, or kids’ books, but Dracula is going to take me a while.

Just letting y’all know.

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