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A Pregnant Woman’s Dream

I must be imagining things.  The very year I will be having a baby 8 days after the Newberys are announced is the year that the Medal winner and one Honor book are verse novels; the other Honor book, unbelievably, is a graphic novel.  I couldn’t ask for a more manageable list, but I confess–I’m not entirely comfortable with a Newbery year where no books of a traditional format actually win.  I love verse novels, mind you–love them–but I can’t help wondering why on EARTH they couldn’t find one or two regular novels as well.  Many years see four or five Honor books, and you can’t tell me no worthy contenders came out last year.  I wish I’d been a fly on the wall during the decision-making process.

Anyway, for inquiring minds, here are the ALA Youth Media Award Winners for 2015:


I want to read plenty more than just the Newberys, but I’m  trying to be realistic about what life will be like in the next few months…

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