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Wishing This One Would Win a Newbery

I finished Saving Lucas Biggs the other night–staying up WAY too late to do it, I might add–and I have to say, I really did love it.  And yes, I checked it out of the library precisely BECAUSE it looked good, but it was better than I’d hoped for all the way through, and how often does that really happen?  I was a bit worried at first about some of the subject matter–some things are hard for me to read about pregnant–but it did such a good job of moving along that I was okay with it.  Not that it was constant crazy action, mind you, but it was always moving forward with purpose. If that makes sense.

The basic plot  revolves around thirteen-year-old Margaret, whose father has been framed for, convicted of, and sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit.  In a desperate attempt to save him, she uses her family’s “quirk”–the ability to travel through time–to try to change history back in 1938.   To tell you more seems unfair, really; one of my favorite parts of the book was its ability to go places I wasn’t actually expecting.  After all, who doesn’t love an unpredictable but entirely satisfying ending?  You’ll just have to read this one yourself.  It’s poignant, original, and says amazing things about friendship and love, so I promise you–it’s worth it.

Saving Lucas Biggs

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