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“Come on, Guys! You all liked it THAT much?”

Yes, I know, that sounds completely ridiculous.  But I’d just bitten into one of these Shredded Chicken BBQ Sandwiches, and while my first thought was along the lines of ‘meh, I’ve got similar recipes that I like better,’ what I heard at the table went like this.  “Pretty good” from my hubby (and believe me, when he says it with that inflection it’s actually high praise).  “Mom!  Why haven’t you made these before?” from my oldest.  “I like them, too!” from my picky middle, who was forced to endure her entire bowl of peas before having a second one–and then pretty much inhaled the second one.)  Silence and chewing from the boy.  Which is why in my head I was saying “REALLY?” and out loud I was saying something like “Wow.  Okay then.”  In a resigned tone of voice.  It really doesn’t seem fair.  On the other hand, if I exert myself to toast the buns like it says to do–something I was completely too lazy to do yesterday–I might enjoy them more.  They weren’t bad.  It’s just that there are a lot of different kinds of BBQ sauce, and I prefer either smoky or tangy.  (If I were from the south, I could probably tell you which type this type WAS, instead of just what it wasn’t.  Oh well.)  The fact remains, however, that this recipe was quite the hit at my table.  Do with it what you will.

In other news:  I’ve started reading to the middle at night while her oldest sister reads to herself.  In the first two days we got through all three of the ‘Pippa Mouse’ books that were mine when I was a kid, and she LOVED them.  Tonight, after reading a library book that’s due tomorrow and not renewable (a last hurrah), we started Charlotte’s Web.  (Whether or not she’s going to want to raise a pig for bacon after we finish is anyone’s guess.)  She sounds like she really likes it, although she was somewhat disappointed at how few pictures there are (the Pippa books have illustrations around the edges of every page).  We’ll see how it goes; in the meantime, now that she’s staying awake longer, she’s stopped waking up at 6:15 every morning.  Which is a good thing.  (Also, I’m enjoying the snuggle time.  Too bad I can’t clone myself and cuddle with her sister while she read to herself.)

And one snack review, because last night my hubby and I demolished the entire bag of Kettle Maple Bacon potato chips that I’d bought so hopefully.

Meh.  They weren’t bad, so they get a thumbs middle, but they mostly tasted like BBQ potato chips.  Every once in a while there was a faint accent of maple or bacon, but overall–meh.

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