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Ten Hours Late

That’s what this post is, but last night was one of those nights where you’re doing ALL THE THINGS and it just gets away from you.  On the other hand, it is with the GREATEST pleasure that I review Does This Book Make Me Look Fat?:  Stories About Loving–And Loathing–Your Body, because I have been reading this forever.  (Clearly it’s a day for emphasis and hyperbole.)  It was in the bathroom drawer for a while, being read small bits at a time, and then I brought it into my bedroom and read until a long short story had me stalled, and then I pushed through that only to realize that while I loved the essays, the short fiction didn’t always speak to me.  I made it through, however, and overall I think the target audience might really like this one.  I really enjoyed parts, mostly enjoyed others, and found at least one to be downright bizarre.  I also put myself into a few pairs of shoes that I hadn’t before, metaphorically speaking, and noticed myself pondering events and possibilities that I wouldn’t normally give much thought to.  I’d say that’s a recommendation in and of itself, wouldn’t you?

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