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Easy and Cheesy

Who could ask for anything more, right?  I was at my friend Britt’s house looking at tortellini recipes–it both felt doable and sounded good–and came across this Ham and Cheese Tortellini that looked awfully easy.  The bonus?  It called, specifically, for deli ham, and guess what I had languishing in my fridge that needed to be used sooner rather than later?  This recipe, then, was both practical and tasty.  My one issue with it as written was that it didn’t have anything acidic going on (and oh, how I love acidity!).  To that end, I chopped up a couple of tomatoes and tossed them in with the peas (which I about doubled–yay for veggies, right?), and I drizzled some Balsamic vinegar on top of the individual servings (my choice and at the kids’ request!).  I also tossed some garlic into the pan shortly after the ham, because why not?  I ended up quite liking the result, although next time I will salt it less.  The kids were ambivalent, interestingly enough, but since it was quick and easy and I liked it, they’ll probably end up having a few chances to change their minds…

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