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I’m Sensing a Theme

I finished the third Baby-Sitters Club graphic novel last night, mostly because my second girlie was prepared to bug me until I did, and now I’m reviewing, because once she finds out that I’ve finished it there will be NO peace until I turn it over to the downstairs bedroom.  (She’s obsessed with graphic novels, ESPECIALLY with graphic novels by Raina Telgemeier.)

While I was reading Mary Anne Saves the Day, I finally realized a likely reason for the organization of the BSC graphic novels.  I’d been wondering why the graphic version of the series (that sounds wrong, doesn’t it?!) skips some of the original titles, but with the third one I realized that each installment in this version focuses on a period of growth in the life of the main character.  Coming of age might be a strongish term for it, but I’m betting that’s why the original second book was skipped.  Claudia’s growth period looks to be coming up, but dealing with a sister relationship should make for a stronger plot for it than whatever happened with the ‘phantom phone calls’ (that title rings such a faint bell with me it’s hardly even worth mentioning).  In the meantime, Mary Anne Saves the Day gives us a nice view of Mary Anne learning to cope with various issues, growing up a bit in the process.  (The fight among the BSC members dragged on a bit for me, but I AM thirty-eight years old.)  It’s a fun series, although I’m sure the nostalgia element helps.  Based on my daughters’ reactions, though, it’s fabulous for elementary age girls!

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