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Pros And Cons Of How I Spent My Week


  1.  My littles’ room.  It’s cleaner and far more organized than it’s been in months–maybe years.
  2. There are empty bins–and a full bin in my garage that was taking up space in the house.
  3. Tonight–at long last–we completed the 2,000 piece Star Wars puzzle.  Some of the portions of outer space got really ugly, but it’s done.
  4. My youngest is medicated for her secondary infection.  (Sinus or bronchitis–the doctor mentioned both.)


  1.  My living room.
  2. My dining room.
  3. To a lesser degree, my kitchen.

There you have it, folks.  You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, right?  Every cook will tell you that.  (But look what happened to the cook!)  This week, well–I clearly have options.  Any suggestions on where I should focus next?


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