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He’s Back, And He’s Better Than Ever

Okay, that was a totally cheesy title, but I’ve been waiting for months for Nathan Hale’s newest hazardous tale, and I’m really terribly glad that it lived up to my expectations.  (And then some, actually.)  Raid of No Return is about the Doolittle raid, about which I knew next to nothing; indeed, when I first heard the topic, I spent a few months thinking it was about the atomic bomb and the Enola Gay before realizing that it was something else entirely.  Once I got THAT straight in my head, I vaguely recalled something–a book?  a movie?–called “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” (only I thought it was sixty seconds.  Whoops.).  Beyond that, I had nothing.

Thankfully, Nathan Hale rectified that situation.  I now know what (precisely) the Doolittle raid was, what was involved in training for it, and what happened to the men involved, and I have to say–it’s all fascinating.  It’s also well told with Hale’s trademark mix of humor and research, making for a worthy seventh installment to a series that I hope continues indefinitely.  History buffs, grab this one and prepare to enjoy!

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