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What I’m Grateful For

My children.  There were a few bumps today, but they did amazingly well for having been up past bedtime on Christmas Eve.

My husband.  Because when good dads get duct tape ties from their 11-year-olds on Christmas Eve, they wear them to church.

My niece and nephew.  They spent Christmas Eve and morning with us, despite my incredible hostessing skills that included moments like “um, your clean sheets are in the dryer…”

My family.  Because I love them, even though I didn’t see them today.

My in-laws.  Because I love them, and I love being with them, and the magnitude of that blessing overwhelms me.

Friends.  Because I have some amazing ones.

Snow.  Because who doesn’t love a white Christmas?

The birth of Christ.  Because He lives and loves me–and He makes it possible for me to repent and try again–and again.  (And again.)

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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