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A Nice SHORT Read

Because really, my oldest is still sick, and I’m still sick, and Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow…yeah.  It seemed the perfect time to read the fourth ‘Tale from Deckawoo Drive,’ Eugenia Lincoln and the Unexpected Package.  And while it wasn’t my favorite of the bunch–the climactic transition seemed a little sudden–it was (as always!) a delightful read.  Eugenia Lincoln has been a joyless martinet for books and books now, but in this one we finally see a softening.  Not a complete transformation, you understand, but a softening.  Pick this one up and open her package right along with her!

Okay, that’s an awfully short review/post, but ugh, this virus!  Have a happy Thanksgiving, folks.  I’m off until the 25th in hopes that more rest will get me better faster…

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