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No Longer Hanging

Sadly, I have finished the last of Matthew Loux’s Salt Water Taffy:  The Seaside Adventures of Jack and Benny graphic novels; I could happily read 5 more just like them, but it doesn’t seem like I’ll be given the chance.


Still, you should read them.  Caldera’s Revenge:  Part 2 resolves Part 1‘s cliffhanger nicely, although the wrap-up is perhaps on the speedy side.  With a ghost whaling ship, a cranky albatross, and fermented whale blubber, how can you go wrong?  Sunny the young giant squid and Caldera, a whale of monstrous proportions (and temper!), have impressively drawn personalities, I have to say–even if I still don’t love the way Loux does hands.  (It bothered me again in this one, albeit briefly.)  I wouldn’t vote this best in the series, but it’s not a disappointment, either.  What IS a disappointment is that some of these are out of print; I did, however, manage to buy used copies of all of them.  Seek them out at your library today!

Salt Water Taffy: Caldera’s Revenge! Part 2

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