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The Battle Of The Bars

I made two pans of bars to bring up to my in-laws’ last weekend; one was for my nephew’s baptism, and the other for a birthday dessert for my oldest, since she’s one of the two November birthdays we celebrated on Sunday.  I desperately loved the ones I made for Will’s baptism, let me tell you what.  These Salted Caramel Chocolate Sugar Cookie Bars were amazing to the point that I could not resist them.

Seriously.  I probably ate a third of the pan myself, over the course of fewer days than I want to admit.

My daughter, on the other hand, picked these Mounds Brownies for me to make for her, and she loved them.  (Which is as it should be!)  My hubby’s stomach was feeling iffy on Sunday, but when he finally tried these and I asked him what he thought, he paused with the fork in his hand.

“These are disturbingly good.”

So there you have it.  I posted both recipes so that you could judge for yourself!

Note:  If you want a bar that cuts prettily and isn’t terribly messy to serve or eat, don’t go with the Mounds Brownies–wowsers!  And I didn’t have canned frosting for them–I really don’t care for it–and so I found an easy recipe to make instead (of the butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, cocoa, and evaporated milk variety).  The homemade taste was totally worth it.

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