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When Saying Yes Feels Possible

We all have to say no to our kiddos more than we want to at times, right?  ‘No, we can’t stay at Grandma’s any later on a school night…no, we can’t watch a movie tonight…no, we can’t go to such and such a place when your baby sister is teething and Daddy’s back is sore…no, I can’t read to you right now, because I’ve got to get these dishes done.’  When saying yes to something unexpected feels doable, on the other hand, it can be an extraordinarily happy thing.  After my oldest finished Faith Erin Hicks’ The Nameless City this past week and loved it–“two thumbs up and 10 stars out of 5”–she started pleading with my hubby and me to read it.  I haven’t always had the time (or, I confess, the inclination) to read some of the books she loves and wants me to read, but this was a graphic novel and she could keep it over the weekend (it belongs to her classroom library), and so here I am!  I’ll get to the other book I finished this weekend eventually.  (Also the two new recipes I tried.  I used a lot of butter this weekend!)

Now, while 10 stars out of 5 might be a little more than I’m comfortable with (!), I did really enjoy Nameless City.  The main characters are multi-dimensional, the world is exciting, and the premise drew me in quickly.  The basic plot is a classic done well–two kids from wildly different backgrounds become friends and work together to stop something bad from happening–and I’m looking forward to its next installment.  (My only (negligible!) complaint is that since many of the characters are wearing the same uniforms, it’s sometimes hard to tell all of the minor characters apart.  It’s not a big deal, though.)

I’m also looking forward to the look on my girlie’s face in the morning when I tell her that both Daddy and I read it.  Saying yes can be a beautiful thing!

The Nameless City

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