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I was trying to gear up to review tonight’s new dessert, but all I ended up thinking about was how grateful I am for the blessings in my life.  I spent the day listening to inspired counsel from my church leaders–surrounded by family.  We had lunch at a park–the nature kind, not the playground kind–where I tailed my two-year-old as she walked back and forth on the bridge over a pond while the rest of my kids played with cousins.  I cross-stitched a little, I exercised, I read a bit, and I visited with family and friends.  I have more incredible family less than a day’s drive away, and I have a car that will get us there.  I have amazing friends…and five library cards at my disposal.

How do you adequately give thanks for the people in your life?  How can we ever spend enough time being grateful for the everyday things we enjoy?  Why do I ever complain?

Now, lest I sound phony, I absolutely will.  I’ll gripe a bit about what to have for dinner tomorrow when my number 2 has dance from 4:50-5:50.  I grouched this morning because I was trying to hurry to get ready to go and the steady flow of interruptions was especially impressive.  I’ll get discouraged at how easily my lower back starts to ache–again–and at how much work it seems to take to keep my house only as messy as it is.  I’ll grit my teeth and growl at my middles, who are currently doing the “he’s kicking me/she’s bothering me” thing with each other on a regular basis, with spectacularly frustrating results.  My two-year-old will take toys from her brother and yell at me for cruelly trying to, say, feed her breakfast, and my oldest will use her “why do you make me suffer by asking me to clean up after myself” voice, AGAIN.  These things are also reality.

At this moment, however, I am bowled over by what I have, and I am grateful–so very grateful–to my Heavenly Father for it all.  May we all have such moments in our lives!

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