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Reasons Why I’m Feeling Overwhelmed

This feels totally whiny, since my sister is moving into a new house as I type, but still.

  1.  The paperwork.  I now have three children in elementary school, and OH MY GOSH, THE PAPERWORK!
  2.  The toy situation.  I need to cull again, as my two-year-old gets older, but what to cull?  When to do it (and not get caught)?
  3.  The clothes.  My son’s clothes are now big enough that the drawers that hold them are on the small side, and I haven’t actually packed away all of the summer stuff yet.  We need short sleeves and long at the moment, and there is no convenient place to put them.
  4.  The flies.  They must be gleefully rushing in every time one of the kids stands with the door open, because it’s getting cold for them outside.
  5.  The dishes.  Because, you know, we eat.

Okay, I know there’s more, but I’m going to make an effort to stop being whiny and do some dishes instead.  Why are YOU feeling overwhelmed?   And if you’re not, would you like to come play with a two-year-old so I can put things away without her taking them right back out again?

1 Comment

  • Let’s put that 2 year old in a room full of packing paper and a few boxes. Shell be occupied for HOURS!!!