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Our Neighbors’ Apples

My neighbors have what they’ve decided to call an ‘apple bush’ in their backyard; it’s not large or impressive and they don’t spray, but they do get some fruit in late summer.  My children have been eating little apples from their tree for weeks now (with their blessing!), and they’ve brought me enough to make a few pints of applesauce.  (We’re not talking jars here–I just cooked down what I could salvage from the worms, blended it up skin and all, and stuck it in the fridge.)  I went looking for recipes using applesauce, since my kids don’t love the blended texture and I wasn’t about to pull out the food mill for such small quantities, and I found this Glazed Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bread.

My son is now obsessed.

Thankfully, it’s fairly simple, delicious, and has some decent nutritional value.  I subbed out 3/4 cup of the white flour for wheat and used regular yogurt, since I didn’t have Greek; I also split the cinnamon into half cinnamon, half nutmeg, because who bakes with apples without both?  (Not this girl, I tell you what!)  It’s sticky and messy and best just a little bit warm, but the leftovers are certainly still tasty.  If you could see my son’s face when he realizes I’m making it…

Anyway.  Try it.  You’ll like it.  We do!

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