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When I received a copy of Pancakes!:  An Interactive Recipe Book for review, I was somehow expecting a book with different varieties of pancake recipes; when I realized it was a board book following one recipe, with tabs and other young-child-friendly activities, I was sadly disappointed.  (I wanted that book of different recipes.)  I came back to it eventually, however, and this time I realized that it’s actually a delightful little book when you’re not expecting it to be something entirely different.  In addition to several tabs, there’s a page with one of those rotating wheels at the edge (I’m sure there’s a name for it, but I’m tired) and a removable pancake towards the end.   This would be a perfect gift for someone looking to begin cooking with a toddler.  Or a baby shower gift–accompanied by a toddler-sized apron?

Hmm.  I wonder if anyone I know is having a baby…

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