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Food, Friends, and Family

That’s why I missed yesterday, folks.  And today was my son’s first day of kindergarten.  Craziness!  He liked it, which is good, although I think it may take him a while to make friends.  (He’s not a “warm up to strangers quickly” kind of guy.)  Afternoon kindergarten will take a bit of time to feel like a habit–I registered late and it was what was left, but I think it will work for us–but it currently provides me an hour and a half or so of time to myself, because my youngest is actually still napping.  (I’ve never had a child still nap at 2 1/2 before.)  This may not last long, but I tell you what–I will enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts.

I’ll review tonight’s new recipe tomorrow, because I’m inexplicably poopered.  Goodnight all!

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