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Last Minute Luck

When I didn’t get to the store and thus couldn’t try the recipe I’d been looking at for dinner tonight, I browsed my Pasta board and came across a ‘one pot meals’ post.  I actually had Swiss cheese–AND frozen diced ham–and so hey presto! we ended up with this One Pan Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta for dinner.  I just about fainted when my 8-year-old remarked, “I really like the seasonings” and had seconds (and thirds!).  My anti-Swiss-oldest (just the cheese, not the people) gave it a surprising thumbs middle, and everyone else liked it.  I’m keeping this one around, because it was tasty and easy and weirdly not as terrible for you as you’d think.

Okay, that’s just boring, choppy writing.  Sorry, folks.  The recipe was great, though–and maybe I’ll get enough sleep to do better on Friday!

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