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As Converted As I’ll Ever Be

I’ve been saying for more than a year that graphic novels aren’t my thing, but I have to say–I really enjoyed Matthew Loux’s The Time Museum.  I don’t read much fantasy or sci-fi anymore, but it occurs to me that graphic novels may be a way for me to occasionally do it without an overwhelming time commitment; The Time Museum was an enjoyable read and a complete plot that took me less than a week (of crazy July time, no less!) to read.  What’s not to love?  The idea of a museum outside of time and the time travelers who seek out exhibits of value for it is a neat one, while Delia and her competitors (friends?) feel like a group the book’s target audience should enjoy.  (I assume.  I enjoyed them, certainly.  At almost 38, however, I suppose I’m just guessing at this point.)  My only complaint was Delia’s reticence where the Grey Earl is concerned, but that’s probably not unrealistic.  On the other hand, the friendships, the time-missions, and the twists were far more engrossing than I expected them to be, which is why I’m telling those with latter elementary schoolers or junior highers (we’re just going to call that a word, okay?)–don’t miss this one!

The Time Museum

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