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So Few Ingredients, So Much Chocolate-y Goodness

Yesterday my oldest girl went to Lagoon-A-Beach (yes, I had to google that spelling) with cousins and two trading-off aunts, because my in-laws are awesome; I stayed home with my other three, and while my two-year-old was napping, I may or may not have bribed the other two to clean.

Okay, I totally bribed them.  But in my defense, it was more because they each had to clean something up ALONE, one inside, one outside; those two are not so much fans of the cleaning alone.  And really, the bribe was for making treats together; they didn’t get any until after dinner, when we all tried them.  (Although that was more because they had to cool and then be refrigerated for two hours…)

ANYWAY.  To make a long story slightly shorter, we tried these “Decadent Semisweet Cookie Bars” from 101 Things To Do With Chocolate–which is totally worth the $5 that Amazon is charging for it–and they were both easy and surprisingly delicious for a recipe with only 5 ingredients.  My daughter stirred the melting chocolate chips/sweetened condensed milk/vanilla mixture while my son counted out the Oreos and then helped pat the crust into the pan; both of them also figured prominently in the licking of scrapers after the treats were in the oven!  Here are the specifics, so that you can make your own pan of chocolate loveliness at your (in)discretion…

Crush about 22 Oreos (or knock-offs) into fine crumbs and mix with 4 T of melted butter.  Press that into a 9 x 13 pan.  Next, heat 1 C of chocolate chips, a can of sweetened condensed milk, and about a t of vanilla over low heat until the chocolate chips are melted and everything is combined; pour that evenly over the crust.  (Don’t expect it to spread nicely from the middle without picking up crumbs from the crust.)  Sprinkle another cup of chocolate chips over the top of that, and then crumble the remaining Oreos from the package over the top of that.  Bake at 325 for 20 minutes, allow to cool, and then refrigerate for a couple of hours before cutting into bars.

These were tasty, people.  I was afraid they’d be a little one-note, flavor-wise, but no.  These need to happen in your kitchen–because this will definitely not be the last time they happen in mine!

101 Things to Do with Chocolate

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