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Lost in the Shuffle

Okay, I did remember once or twice on Saturday that I was due to post, but wowsers.  I spent the day with my oldest daughter and a couple of nieces at Lagoon, Utah’s big amusement park, and then I did mad laundry and dishes and took the older two girls Father’s Day shopping and worked on a brief talk (I spoke in church) and a primary lesson (I also subbed for my oldest daughter’s class).  Sunday, of course, was Father’s Day, so in addition to the talk and the lesson there were treats to make and vegetables to chop and a present to wrap and an evening at my in-laws’.  And TODAY my friend and I took the kids on a “kid-friendly” hike that was a bit steep for the two-year-olds; there was dirt on fresh sunscreen (it STICKS) and then the waterfall and then more dirt on various-degrees-of-wet clothes.  (There were also slushies afterwards, because we were driving home during Sonic’s happy hour and managed–between the two of us–to remember where one was on the way home.)  And then there were various baths and showers, because no one was allowed inside on the carpet without them.  (Because SO.  MUCH.  DIRT.)  And THEN there was dinner for eleven.

The good news is that my dishwasher has run, I’ve done two loads of wash today, I’ve washed four things by hand (which I LOATHE doing), and I’ve read my scriptures.  The bad news is that a)after all that, I still need to practice the piano, which leaves me zero extra energy to review anything, and b)it’s supposed to hit 100 tomorrow.  (I hate triple digit temperatures.)  And so–until Wednesday, folks.  Stay cool out there!

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