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Technically, I don’t have to post today; on the other hand, I rather like posting on odd-numbered days (it makes it easier to remember!).  And I was all set to review the book I finished two nights ago.  And THEN I remembered that I agreed to substitute for one of the Sunday School teachers, who’s going to be out of town this Sunday, and it’s not going to be an easy lesson to prepare.  Which means that instead of taking the time to compose a real book review, I’m going to leave you with two recommendations and then say goodbye until the 5th, because I’ve got a LOT going on this weekend.

My recommendations?  Prime rib and horseradish potato chips, put out by Kroger (the Smith’s brand in Utah), and the peach mango bread at Costco.  Tasty, my friends.  Tasty.

Until Monday, then.  Signing off!

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