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Flooring On My Mind

I’m going to blame my new tile and my soon-to-come carpet for the fact that I completely spaced my last post.  Sorry!  To make up for it, I’m sharing the dessert I made for my hubby’s birthday celebration with his side of the family, this Death by Chocolate Icebox Cake.  If you like intense chocolate-y richness in a refrigerated form, folks, this cake is for you.  My hubby and several of my friends really liked it; one of my sisters-in-law, however, said it was a bit too much for her.  Initially, it was a bit too much for me as well, but it made a lovely small treat to consume in a leisurely fashion when I wasn’t already full from a big Sunday dinner.  The best part was that it wasn’t nearly as hard as it looked at first glance.  There were several layers, but they were all relatively simple to make.  My hubby did the actual layering, and then hey presto! into the fridge it went to sit overnight.  (While the recipe doesn’t actually tell you how long it ought to be refrigerated before serving, the comments clarify that overnight is best.)  I may venture further into the world of icebox cakes this summer; in the meantime, if this tempts you, try it.  This is a dessert that fully lives up to its name.

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