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At Long Last…Something Borrowed

Okay, okay, I’m a week late coming back, but home improvements ALWAYS take longer than you hope they will, right?  And I did take the kiddos to Idaho for spring break.  Sadly, missing this past week in particular put me more behind than usual, because in addition to the books I’ve finished, I tried three new dessert recipes for my hubby’s birthday week–and then two beef recipes because rump roasts were on sale.  So many reviews to write!

To get started, then, for my ‘something borrowed’ I picked Start Where You Are:  A Journal for Self-Exploration; my friend Britt lent it to me a while back, telling me that it was unexpectedly neat and I should look at it.  At the time I remember thinking ‘really?  okay…’ because interactive journals aren’t so much my thing–or hers.  And while I certainly didn’t think she was lying, I couldn’t see myself being really into it.  (I only picked it when I did because it was SHORT and I was stressed about painting and whatnot.)

I weirdly was.  Into it, that is.  And unexpectedly neat about sums it up.  It has quotes upon quotes upon quotes from all sorts of people, but the–writing prompts?–are even more interesting.  Even thinking about answering some of the questions nudged my mind in some different directions.  And while I’m too busy with my littles to contemplate using such a thing as this book at the moment, I could see myself coming back to it in a few years.  In the meantime, this is worthwhile for everyone to whom it sounds the least bit interesting–and most other people as well.  Read it through–and think about it.

I’m glad I did.



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