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Bits of Nothing

  1.  I am absurdly excited to have chocolate chocolate chip banana muffins for breakfast tomorrow morning.  It’s a Saturday morning tradition, but last week there was all the vomit.
  2. I’ve been practicing Sunday’s hymns for a month; we’ll see how I do.  The one is long and fairly hard, but it’s also fabulous, perfect for the lesson, and rarely sung.  The other isn’t bad, but it’s still a new hymn for me.
  3. Watching my 4-year-old son down a Costco hot dog and then ask me if he could have his sister’s was somewhat disturbing.
  4.  Five gallon buckets of sheet rock mud–of the topping variety–are really, really heavy.
  5. Tomorrow is supposed to hit 79, and it feels so wrong to be contemplating using the AC on March 18th.
  6. I like our elementary school, but MUST they have so many fundraisers?
  7. One eye tooth down, three to go.
  8. Why am I so tired when I don’t feel like I accomplished all that much today?
  9. Would pasta three nights in a row be a bad thing?
  10. I miss being able to do puzzles without toddler “help.”

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