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Last Night’s Pie

Yesterday was, of course, March 14th–Pi(e) day.  I’m still trying to make fun traditions with my kids, and making pie for 3.14 seemed doable this year.  (Partly because my lovely niece was up for the day, which meant an extra adult in case the kiddos got grouchy.)  I browsed my Pinterest pie board–yes, I have a pie board–and came up with this Oreo Banana Cream Pie.  And OH.  MY.  GOSH.

My older girls, whose appetites are still resetting after their flu, gave it thumbs middle; my hubby told them they were broken.  Honestly?  I had to agree.  The homemade pudding was lovely and rich–3 cups of half-and-half per pie, baby!–the crust was every bit as good as, well, crushed Oreos and melted butter can be, and the bananas were perfect.  I only put Cool Whip on half, since I had spray cream and I prefer the dairy option, but either way–SO good.  It was sweet and rich and creamy and lovely, and I ate way too much (and then had a seriously bizarre dream).  This pie is definitely happening again, which will THRILL my 2-year-old; my son, who was in bed last night, no longer eats bananas willingly.  (More for us, right?)  If you love Oreos and/or Banana Cream Pie, this is a must-try.

If not, you’re broken.  (At least a little bit.)

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