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Every Bit As Good As I Remembered

We had soup for dinner on Friday, and I was going to make banana or apple muffins to go with it; easy peasy on a day that I had to get the older girls to piano and hit the grocery store, right?  After piano, however, all four kiddos ended up playing outside together for a good long time, and it occurred to me that I could possibly try something different instead.  I grabbed some old Taste of Home magazines (as well as a couple of not-so-old Food Network magazines) and ended up happening across this Apple Cheddar Scones recipe.  I remember making it years ago and enjoying it, so I thought–why not?

Why not, indeed.  It isn’t often that something is just as delicious as you remember it being, but oh, these were lovely!  A bit salty, a hint of sweet, and lovely pieces of apple throughout, not to mention crisp on the outside and moist and tender and flaky within.  I subbed in half a cup of whole wheat flour, but I didn’t make any other changes.   I used my last Rome apple, because it was older and because it was NOT crisp, and it was just about the right amount (although next time, I’ll probably take another couple of minutes and dice a bit smaller).

Go make these, people.  Seriously.

They’re that good.

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