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New On The Junk Food Front

Since the Beer ‘n Brats Lays have beer in some form on the label, I’m not going there; the Southwestern Queso chips, however, taste astonishingly like, well…queso.  As for the Kettle Cooked Garden Tomato & Asiago flavor…hmm.  They taste garlicky with some black pepper and indeterminate cheese going on, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad.  They’re just not as good–or as successful in nailing their stated flavor–as they want to be.

On the sweet front, the Carrot Cake Hershey Kisses are kind of tasty–cream cheese-y with cinnamon going on–and the Peeps Oreos are weirdly, shockingly delicious.  I cannot abide Peeps, folks, but these are–I don’t even know.  They do leave your tongue shockingly, neon-highlighter pink, but who cares?

I won’t be trying the Fruit Punch Peeps, by the way, because that’s a double NOPE! for me.  Anybody know of anything else new this spring that I should try?

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